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You Are Always Worthy


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Abe Hicks Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego

As I’ve been aligning with my two million dollar manifestation, I’ve been referencing the old Abraham-Hicks Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego analogy quite frequently, because it helps me catch myself when my thoughts are causing me to turn around and head back to Phoenix (i.e. when I am focusing on the not having of my desire, thereby holding myself apart from it).

For those that may be new to Abraham-Hicks and/or Law of Attraction (and for anyone that just wants to feel good) I thought I’d share a transcript of Abraham using the analogy so that it makes more sense to you. I searched Youtube for a video on the subject, but I haven’t come across one just yet; and as fun as it sounds to go back and listen through my own library of their older material to find a clip for you all, it would take quite a while (although I may just do it anyway for the fun of it).

In the meantime, our friends at have dutifully transcribed this and a whole slew of other fun Abe analogies for us to enjoy.

I’ve copied and pasted the Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego analogy below, but if you’re looking for more Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction material, it’s worth checking out Powerful Intention’s site, they have a whole bunch of valuable information there.

Enjoy! ♥

Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego Story
8.27.2005 workshop excerpt

“So the keyword that we want you to remember (or phrase) is: vibrational relativity. You’ve got to close that vibrational gap between the vibration of what you want and source that is in agreement with it, and where you are practicing your thoughts. So, you could say you want to close the gap between your desire and your belief (a belief is just a thought you keep thinking). Or you could say you wanna close the gap in your vibration which means you just can’t feel bad about something you want and be in the place of letting it in.

As Jerry & Esther are travelling from Phoenix to San Diego, they are always so eager to get over to San Diego. They were there for a month. It was seventy degrees mostly. It got all the way up to seventy nine degree one day. They’re right on the water, the wind feels wonderful. They can hardly wait to get over there. And as they’re travelling from Phoenix across there (it’s about four hundred miles), they know the journey. They know they have to keep pointing in the direction west (the direction of San Diego) and keep moving and that eventually they’ll get there. And even though most of that four hundred miles they’re not there, they don’t feel unhappy during the time that they’re on their way to where they want to be. And we want you to understand that you’ve got to do that with all of your journeys. If you’re sick, even if you’re really sick; you’ve got to be more joyful on your way to wellness. And we think the reason you’re not more joyful on your way to wellness is because you’re not sure that you’re really on your way to wellness because the doctor may have told you you can’t get well from this, this is incurable. And we say: He does not know. He does not understand vibrational relativity. He does not understand if he’s telling you that you’ve got something that is incurable; he does not understand that the illness caused you to launch a rocket of desire for wellness that source came into utter and absolute and instant agreement with and if you’ll come into agreement; you’ll be well. It is our promise to you. You cannot not be. It is law; when you close that vibrational gap you must have what you are now sending the one signal about, you see.

But if you standing in a place where you are sick and you are on your way to wellness or trying to be pointed in that direction, what’s happening with many of you is: you haven’t figured out how to quantify that journey. You can’t tell whether you’re headed toward wellness or away from it. Can you imagine Jerry and Esther geting halfway to San Diego (in about Yuma Arizona) and being so disappointed that they are not yet in San Diego that they get all disoriented and turn around and go back to Phoenix? So they just go Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma and then they say: San Diego is incurable. It’s an impossible quest. And we say: No it isn’t. Just point in the direction of it and keep going. Don’t keep turning around and going in the opposite direction. Well, you say relative to their journey across the desert, that’s ridiculous. Of course they can tell which way to go, there are signposts. They know the way. But sometimes “the” way from sickness to wellness or “the way” from not enough money to enough money or “the way” from a rotten relationship to a wonderful relationship; you haven’t figured out how to quantify your journey because you’re listening to that one over there and that one over there and that one over there and what we want you to do is leave here today being able to quantify every journey by understanding that when you want something source says yes to it and offers a strong signal that when you line up with you feel good. How hard is that? (silent pause) Source is over here saying: We know what you want, we’ve been watching you; we’ve heard everything and we’re offering a signal about what you want and you can tell by the way you feel when you’re on bead with that signal or when you’re not. Which means when you’re happy: on the trail. When you’re appreciating: on the trail. When you’re joyful: on the trail. When you’re ornery: going the other way. When you’re angry: going the other way. When you’re afraid: going the other way. Good feeling is on the way; not good feeling is not on the way: this is the way you quantify your journey, you see.

So, Abraham, does that mean that I want more money and I’ve been asking for it. Lord knows, I’ve been asking for it! For years I’ve been asking for it!. And we say: We know. We’ve been hearing you. And you should see the pile of money that’s lined up waiting for you. (audience laughter) And the circumstances and events that have been arranged on your behalf. And then you say: But, where is the money? I need the money now. And we say: As you beat that drum that makes you feel worse, you’ve turned around and you are “going back to Phoenix”. As you do your best to feel a little better, now you’re on “the way”. This is the thing that you have been missing that from now on you won’t be missing so this journey across whatever desert it is is going to be fast for you from now on, it is our promise to you; the thing that you have been missing is: you cannot jump from fear or dispair all the way into bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-sunshine-lollypops-and-roses-appreciation. And when you try to do that you fall in the ditch. Because the vibration of fear (of not having enough money) and the vibration of exhilaration (of having ALL the money in the world that you could want) are two very different vibrations. They feel really different. There is a huge vibrational difference.”

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$2 Mil Journey 10-24-12

Since I started this journey I’ve been doing really good about ignoring what-is and reminding myself of my Truths around money: That there are no limitations in terms of how or how much money I can receive or how soon I can receive it; that this is a vibrational journey, not an action journey; that there is always, always, always a cooperative component to every desire, and so on.

And as a result I have been seeing some small increases in the money I’m earning at my job, and I also received a surprise $200 that I wrote about last week. So these Truths (beliefs) are starting to be reflected in my physical reality, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that.

However, today I got some disturbing news about the installment agreement for my back taxes that I had defaulted on, as well as the amount I owe for 2011, and admittedly I temporarily allowed this news to suck me out of the Vortex.

But you know what’s so cool? Even as part of my mind was going into total panic mode, that feeling/thought process didn’t consume me. Because even as negative thoughts were racing around in my head about what is going to happen as a result of this situation, I kept hearing “Phoenix San Diego” ‘playing’ in the background.

And that made me laugh. And that gave me a little relief. And from there I was able to say to myself, “No, I don’t want to go back to Phoenix at this point, I’m too close to San Diego.”

And then I re-reminded myself of those aforementioned Truths about the nature of reality, and in a very short time I was able to soothe myself back into the Vortex. And it feels so good to be back!

Not only that, but I even feel a little excited about this seeming obstacle, because some other Truths I hold include that I’m always taken care of and things always, always, always work out for me; so rather than looking at this situation as a measure of the distance I am from my desire to have the money, I feel like it’s a sign of just how close I am to having it.

And I love that I am able to genuinely feel this way about it, not only because it feels better than worrying, but because it’s a huge shift in my perspective from even just a short while ago. And as we know, physical reality is just a reflection (or extension) of our perspective, and once the perspective changes, the reflection has to as well.

So I’m looking forward to seeing continued improvements in that reflection. In the meantime, I’m continuing to focus on being easy about it all, going general as needed, and allowing the law of attraction to work for me. Because it does anyway, so I might as well use it to experience what I prefer.

Makes sense, right? :D

Thanks for co-creating this exciting journey with me and for just being awesome in general.

I Love and appreciate you all immensely. ♥


Tresa Rae

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The Pie’s the Limit

I like to say “the pie’s the limit” instead of “the sky’s the limit” not only because it amuses me, but because it reminds me that just as we choose which ingredients to put in our pie, we also choose which limits we accept for ourselves.

Personally, I choose none when it comes to limitations, and I choose buttery, brown sugary pecan filling when it comes to my pie. With a scoop of vanilla on top. ♥

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Deliberate Creating

“Now, this is the key to your Deliberate Creating: See yourself as this magnet, attracting unto you the way you feel at any point in time. When you feel clear and in control, you will attract circumstances of clarity. When you feel happy, you will attract circumstances of happiness. When you feel healthy, you will attract circumstances of health. When you feel prosperous, you will attract circumstances of prosperity. When you feel loved, you will attract circumstances of love. Literally, the way you feel is your point of attraction.”

– Abraham-Hicks

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$2 Million Journey Day One

Hey everybody!

It’s about that time again! I’m ready for another journey/challenge and even more so I’m ready to align myself with what I desire—which, among other things, is to easily and joyfully receive two million dollars free and clear.

This two million dollars was one of the things I set forth to manifest (and didn’t) in the last 100 Day Challenge, and it’s still hanging over my head—not in the sense that it’s bothering me that I didn’t align with it, but because I still desire it and I know that, as Abraham says, ‘If I want it I can have it,’ so there’s no reason to continue holding myself apart from it.

In reflecting on why I didn’t manifest this two million dollars last time around, it comes down to the same thing everything comes down to: my beliefs.

I was sort of brainstorming what those limiting beliefs are a few moments ago, and here is what I came up with:

– Longshot/fantasy to receive that much money, especially as a gift.

– Didn’t work before, so why would it work now?

– Can’t get exactly what I want when I want it.

– I don’t know anyone with that kind of money to just give away.

– I certainly can’t earn that much money in a short amount of time.

– Winning the money comes with consequences/publicity; someone could try to harm me to get the money.

– General belief in lack.

– Too big or too much to manifest (belief in limitation).


In looking at the types of beliefs that are floating through my mind day in and day out, it’s no wonder that I didn’t manifest this money in the past, so in this journey I plan to use EFT to release these beliefs while instilling and reinforcing beliefs that counter them and support the having of my desire:

+ If I am able to imagine something then it is not out of my reach because physical reality is just a projection of my inner world.

+ I am literally not the same person I was in the past, I’m a completely different version; a version that has learned a lot and released a lot of resistance since the last time I approached this desire. So, whatever happened (or didn’t happen) in the past is completely irrelevant to my now.

+ Limiting belief is the only reason I don’t experience having exactly what I want how and when I want it. If I change the belief then physical reality has no choice but to reflect that change.

+ I don’t need to consciously know of the person who might give me the money at this time, if that’s how I am to line up with having it. All I need to know is that if I can imagine it then I can experience it in physical reality. The hows and whos will take care of themselves.

+ I don’t need to consciously know how I would earn that much money at once, if that’s how I am to line up with having it. All I need to know is that if I can imagine it then I can experience it in physical reality, and the hows will take care of themselves.

+ The only reason something negative would come of winning the money is if I believe that to be so; if I change the belief then physical reality has no choice but to reflect that change.

+ I am an Infinite Being living in an Infinite Universe. The only reason I experience lack is a belief in lack. If I change the belief to one of infinite abundance, then the experience must change as well.

+ The only limitation in terms of the amount of money I can receive (or anything else for that matter) is based on my own belief in limitation. If I change the belief then physical reality has no choice but to reflect that change.


In addition to changing my beliefs about receiving and having this two million dollars, I am also going to be focusing on the second part of that Abe quote I mentioned earlier: “…if you get out of the way.”

This is something I haven’t yet mastered (obviously, or else I’d be out spending my money right now instead of writing about manifesting it LOL), so I’m looking forward to further releasing Ego from it’s previously designated duties of constantly watching physical reality for evidence of lack, limitation, and general not having of what I desire. Even if that doesn’t line me up with the money, it will certainly line me up with more inner peace, which is itself worth its weight in gold…if it weighed anything, that is. :D

The good news is, this should be relatively easy to do, or at least easier than it has been in the past, because during this past month or so I’ve been doing a lot of releasing of resistance to what-is and the possibility that it will never get that much better, financially anyway.

I know that sounds a bit grim and I certainly don’t expect things to not improve, I had to go there so that I could see that it doesn’t really matter, it’s not the end of the world, and it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy.

Doing so has helped me take the pressure off of manifesting more money, which is allowing me to allow more rather than try to force physical reality into submission, which has pretty much been my M.O. before then. And I’m starting to see improvement, so it must have been necessary.

As a result, with this particular journey/challenge I believe I’ll be able to sit back and allow much more, to let the grid fill itself in, to stay general (or at least go general when details start feeling crappy), and to approach it more from a perspective of fun than that of pressure and desperate need.

In that same vein, I’m not going to put a time limit on this journey. When I’m lined up with it, I’ll see it, so whenever that is is good enough for me…because it kinda has to be, because I’m not going to see it a minute sooner than that. :D

Well, that’s where I’m at, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

I appreciate you all for allowing me to share with you and you with me; being connected with my Soul Fam is not just worth its weight in gold, it’s absolutely priceless.


Tresa Rae

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Intentions 9-22-12

Today I intend to feel the best I can feel and extract the very best I can extract from what-is. I intend to find the best feeling information to read, the best feeling music to listen to, the best feeling actions to take, and the best feeling people to interact with.

I intend to find the best feeling thoughts, imbue them with the best feeling feelings, reiterate and reinforce them so that they become best feeling beliefs, and revel in the Knowing that those best feeling beliefs will then be reflected as a best feeling life experience.

Today I intend to be abundance. I intend to be well-being. I intend to be ease. I intend to be Knowing. And I intend to be free.

Today I intend to be Love and find that Love reflected back to me in my world. I intend to remain in my Knowing at all times that I am Source, I am the only Power in my Universe, and that that Power is Love.

Today I intend for this day to be the very best day of my life thus far, and I intend the same for everyone and everything in my Universe.

And so it is. ♥

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Which Version of You Are You?

Bashar teaches that in order to line up with our desires, we need to “act as if” we already have them. But how many of us really do that, at least consistently enough to experience our desires in a timely fashion?

Personally, I find it challenging to act as if I’m the “having” version of me, especially when it comes to money…especially when that money is urgently “needed” (I know, need is such an ugly word), so I came up with a very simple exercise to help remind myself of the difference between the having and not-having versions of me, and to help me identify which version of myself I’m “acting as if” in any given moment.

If you find that you’re still not seeing the results you’re trying to manifest (or just want to manifest them more quickly), this exercise may benefit you as well. I’ll give an example using my own situation, but it works the same for absolutely anything you are desiring to experience.

EXERCISE: Take out a sheet of paper (or open a document) and make two columns. Title the left-side column “Not Having Version,” and the right-side column “Having Version.”

Now in the not-having column, list all the qualities of that version of yourself. What are your thoughts? What are your beliefs? What are your feelings? What are your actions?

If you are doing this exercise at all, then you are probably the not-having version of yourself right now, so it should be pretty easy to fill up this side of the page.

After you’ve completed the not-having side, do the same for the having side. Since you are likely not the having version of yourself right now, you may need to spend a little time conjuring the feelings, thoughts, actions, and beliefs of this version of yourself. But the good news is, the more time you spend imagining what the having version of yourself is like, the more you are “acting as if” you are this version (there is no difference between imagining and being in terms of attraction).

I have a strong desire to receive $3,000 easily and effortlessly, and to have it now and use it any way I choose.

Here is the not-having version of myself:


-Pressure to work more than I want to

-Defeat knowing I don’t have enough hours in the day to make that amount by the time it’s needed

-Trying to become the $3,000 Having version of me


-Scared of not having enough to cover everything




-Angry with myself for not being the Having version

-Disappointed in not having what I need


-Doubt/Disbelief that I can have the money when and how I prefer


As you can see, the not-having version of me spends a whole lot of time thinking about and feeling the not having.

Now, here is my having version:






-Ready for anything!




-In Love with life!



-Writing, playing, cleaning, organizing, listening to music, and doing anything else I want, when I want!

-Total belief I can have the money when and how I want it (because I already have it)


I felt a shift within myself just writing the words that describe the having version of me, and I think it also illustrates the point that Abraham has made time and time again that manifestation really is about the feeling, because the feeling is the main difference between the having and not-having versions.

Give this a try yourself and see if it helps you stay in having mode more of the time, so that you can experience what you prefer that much more quickly and easily.

One last thought: If you are still having difficulty acting as if you have what you prefer even after identifying the qualities of that version of yourself, I recommend using EFT or some other modality to release the list items in the not-having column. It is also important to note that belief is the foundation for any experience, meaning if you don’t believe you can or should have your desire, then you will never allow yourself to experience it, no matter how much you “act as if.”

So, before you even get into the acting as if part of this equation, you may want to double check with yourself to ensure that you actually believe you can and should have what you are desiring. If that checks out, then just remain in having mode as often as possible and you’ll see your desire manifest in no time. If not, then go back to the EFT or other tool of choice to release those limiting beliefs and convince yourself that you can and deserve to have whatever you want (and that you already do have it).



Tresa Rae

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Intention 09-08-12

Today I celebrate having my $3,000, $10,000, $100,000, and $1 million. Today I celebrate having received each amount easily and effortlessly and within the timing I prefer. Today I celebrate knowing that each amount I desire is already (and equally) available to me in every possible combination of ways and from every number of possible sources, each one just waiting for me to activate it through my desire and belief so that I may experience the having and using of it however I choose.

Today I live my life like it’s Golden! Because it is! Today I celebrate Having! Because I do! Today I celebrate Knowing! Because I do! Today I celebrate being Source! Because I Am! Today I celebrate experiencing Myself through the unique personality/ego construct that is Tresa Rae! And today I celebrate knowing that it is my (the personality/ego construct Tresa Rae) choice how to go about experiencing Myself (Source)!

Today I celebrate my freedom! Today I celebrate my utter limitlessness, knowing that absolutely all choices, all versions of reality are equally and easily accessible, just waiting to be activated by my desire and belief so that they may be experienced by me. Today I choose to activate and experience those versions of reality that I prefer!

Today I choose Love! Today I choose Freedom! Today I choose Fun! Today I choose Abundance, and Well-being, and Beauty, and Confidence, and Security and Comfort and Ease.

And today I choose staying in my Knowing of Who I Am and what I Am here as this personality/ego construct Tresa Rae to do—anything I choose! And I choose for this day to be the very best day of my life thus far.

And so it is!

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Time for Manifestation

Greetings everyone!

I’ve just had yet another big a-ha moment that has helped me shift my belief in the ability to manifest exactly what I prefer to yet another deeper state of Knowing, and of course I couldn’t wait to share this revelation with all of you.

In my last article about thought manifestation, I talked about how simple the process of moving an idea from thought, to thoughtform, to manifestation in physical form really is, and that an idea can be likened to water in its various states of manifestation in that whether water exists as a solid, liquid, or vapor, it is equally real and existent in any one of those states. I made a handy-dandy info-graphic to illustrate that fact:

thought manifestation

This comparison helped deepen my belief in the concept that every single thing we can imagine as an idea can be actualized in physical reality because it is already as real as it’s ever going to be in its thought state, just like water is as real in its vapor state as it is in its solid form as ice.

Not only that, but it also helped me realize that all ideas are equally real and equally able to appear in physical form, so in the example that I used of my own desire to “earn” a living receiving blog donations as opposed to doing so working at a traditional job, I came to the understanding that there is no difference in terms of either idea manifesting in physical form, and that the only deciding factor as to which would be my reality is my belief—the driving force behind any manifestation.

Although this analogy was extremely useful in helping me believe that I really can create any reality I desire—and I even received my very first blog donation after posting that article, which was an absolute thrill—I still found myself with some resistance around how quickly those desires can be actualized.

In fact, the idea of time, or timing, has been somewhat of a point of contention for me, considering I’ve been lining up with a fair amount of financial contrast these past few years and as the bills come due each month, and then become late, and then things like utilities and car insurance become candidates for disconnection and cancellation, well, let’s just say that I’ve created quite a bit of excitement for myself, albeit not the kind of excitement that I particularly prefer…much less desire more of moving into this next month.

So I continue with my daily EFT sessions, tapping on these issues so that I may be free of them once and for all and live the joyful, easy, abundant, and fun(!) life that I KNOW I came here to experience.

As I revisited the money issue tonight, I recognized that my shifting from the other night has pretty much “stuck” as far as the belief that all ideas, whether the idea is a lot of money or just a little (castle or a button, as they say) are equally and easily manifestable is concerned. I feel confident now that I can receive as much or as little as I desire, it’s all the same in terms of the process and causal factors that bring all ideas into physical form (beliefs).

And I’m also pretty solid in my belief that all cooperative components exist as part of the original idea, sort of like a package deal. In other words, and again using my situation as an example, the people that are willing and capable of giving me thousands of dollars already exist as part of the idea of me having thousands of dollars, just as those who are not willing to give me anything are tied into the idea-bundle of me not having the money I desire.

All the details of every idea are always included in the package and they’re all here, right now; and which idea-bundle that ends up being experienced as physical reality once again always (and only) depends on which is fueled with enough belief to cause it to move from its vapor to liquid to solid physical form (metaphorically speaking).

But, even knowing all this, I still found myself worrying about whether I would receive the amount of money I desire soon enough to avoid those pesky disconnections and cancellations I was talking about a moment ago. So, naturally, I started tapping on that. And not long into the session, I realized that timing is—are you ready for this?—just another cooperative component included in the all-inclusive package deal of the overall idea!!!


Oh, wow, when this occurred to me I felt a HUGE wave of relief and even more confidence in my ability to manifest what I need when I need it. Because I am such a visual learner, I made another info-graphic to help illustrate this point:


When you consider that having the money desired (or any desire) AND having the willing person(s) to give it to you AND having it by a certain time is all ONE idea-bundle, well then there’s just no question of whether or not it can come OR can come in time, is there? Because it’s all ONE freakin’ thing!!! No variables!!! No reason for doubt or concern!!!

Although this should’ve been obvious after I realized that all cooperative components come bundled in the idea package, I had not previously been looking at time (or timing) as one of those cooperative components included in the deal; I was looking at it as an outside variable and as such created a whole bunch of uncertainty, worry, and doubt for myself as a result.

But of course, there are no outside factors and there are no variables (unless you believe in them). The only causal factor, and I don’t mind being redundant here because I don’t think it can be stressed enough, is our beliefs. Period. And so, if we say we want such and such at a certain time or within a certain amount of time and believe that we can have it as such, then we can. Period. There are just absolutely no limitations as to what we can experience for ourselves. None!

And I love Knowing and feeling the freedom of that more than words could ever express.

Well, once again I have to thank you, my precious Law of Attraction/Soul Family for allowing me to share with you today, and I do hope that the next time you find yourself concerned over manifesting something within a certain amount of time this information will provide you with some relief and the absolute confidence that you really can have anything you desire and within any time frame you choose, because everything exists, ALL cooperative components included, right here and right now. It’s done! :)


Tresa Rae

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