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As Better Feeling Thoughts become Better Feeling Beliefs, a Better Feeling Life is then reflected.

Birds Born in a Cage…

bft born in a cage quote

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

When I came across this quote for the first time I felt the earth move inside me. Jodorowsky’s words touched me at the deepest level as they reminded me that I am one of those birds who has chosen to fly in this lifetime. Flash forward a year or more, and I see the quote coming through my Facebook feed once again this morning. I still think it’s a beautiful quote, but it doesn’t move me like it once did.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen it come through my feed at least dozens of times since the first, and the redundancy has caused the words to lose some of their sparkle for me (being the fickle creature that I am). Or maybe that initial reminder of Who I Really Am and What I Really Came Here To Do And Be was enough to bring me a step closer to Doing and Being those things, rendering any subsequent rendezvousing with the quote less specifically about me and more about the general atmosphere I am creating for myself (other free-flyers that perhaps needed a little reminder of their own).

While both of these ideas are true to one degree or another, the primary reason the quote doesn’t affect me the same today as it did that year-or-so ago is that I am experiencing the quote from an entirely different perspective. I am literally a different version of the idea that is “me.” We all are.

And what I notice from my current vantage point is that those moments that I have previously defined as profound, the moments that were usually accompanied by a deep emotional ache or longing sensation in my stomach that was painful-yet-somehow-simultaneously-pleasurable—well, it’s not to say that I see them now as less than meaningful, but I do see that a lot of what I was feeling was not the “a-ha” part of the moment but the despair created by the limiting beliefs through which I was filtering the “a-ha” moment.

In the case of this particular quote, it was despair over the idea that anyone, least of all me, should be caged in the first place, which suggests that I was still walled-in by my own belief in the idea that anyone could be caged without their permission.

Of course now that I have moved even further from that limiting concept of myself and the world, I naturally feel less of that emotional pull when I see this quote. I still think it’s a beautifully worded expression. I still love the clever use of metaphor. And I still believe it’s essentially true.

But from my current vantage point, I now realize that the caged bird chooses to be caged. The caged bird cages itself and the caged bird may choose to fly whenever it pleases. In fact, I selected this particular illustration in creating my own picture quote to accompany this message because rather than depicting someone else freeing the birds from the cage as I see most often associated with these words, the cage doors are already open, and nothing could ever be truer in life.

Those of us choosing to experience ourselves from the perspective of “awakening” know that some birds choose to be born in the cage with the intention of flying later. And those of us who are transitioning from previous limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world to those that are less confining, we know that the bird can switch from caged to flying many, many times—even in a single day. He may even find himself with one wing outside the cage flapping freely while the other half of him remains on his perch. To experience one foot (or claw? wing?) in one world while one in the other, that’s freedom right there!! Albeit a bit dizzying at times.

The best feeling part of this from my current vantage point is that I no longer pity that caged bird, because the caged life is no less than the free-flying life. It’s a different expression, but no less filled with infinite opportunity for fulfillment for those birds who choose it than the free-flying life is for those who take that route.

And the most interesting part of this from my current vantage point is that the other bird and the path he has chosen in life is almost always the one in the cage from our own perspective. So there’s never a need to set another free, because we can never know what freedom means from a perspective other than our own. Perhaps we could intend and, more importantly from a deliberate creation perspective, expect freedom for all. We could maintain that vibration and then watch how it is expressed from the unique perspectives that surround us (and more so, trust that it is being expressed even if in a different way than we would choose).

So the next time you (I) want to pity or even condemn that caged bird, you may want to remember that the door is always open and that he may fly anytime he chooses. And you (I) also might want to consider that the cage bars he sees looking out from his perspective, well they might just appear to be imprisoning you. You poor, poor dear. ;)


Tresa Rae ♥

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Timeless Gem from Florence Scovel Shinn

I’ve always loved Florence Scovel Shinn and I just learned that Louise Hay has recently come across her last writings and is publishing them via Hay House. Very exciting news!! Here’s a quote to tide you over until you receive your copy. :)

You cannot attract more than you feel at home with. If you feel at home with  millions, millions will feel at home with you. Florence Scovel Shinn

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Dog singing and playing piano

If ‘dog singing and playing piano’ isn’t a better feeling thought, then I don’t know what is!!

Happier Tuesday Soul Fam. :)

~Tresa Rae ♥

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Better Feeling Pranks

prank it fwd

Humor and entertainment website has decided to use its “pranking powers for good:” During the month of April, they’re donating $1 per 1,000 views of their positive prank videos to the social change organization

The positive pranks include paying for people’s tires and brakes, telling strangers they’re beautiful, and otherwise making people’s day. In the video featured below, a waitress receives a series of tips that starts with $1000 and gets even better from there.

To view all of’s better feeling prank videos or to submit your own (for the chance to win $500!), visit the prank it forward section of their website. If you have your own positive prank or pay it forward story, please keep the warm fuzzies flowing here on BFT by sharing in the comments below.

From Better Feeling News Headquarters (my living room),
this is Tresa Rae, signing off. Namaste :) ♥ ♥

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Happier International Day of Happiness


Wishing everyone a Happier International Day of Happiness, and offering a reminder that every day can be the happiest day of our lives thus far if we simply choose to set that intention and then allow the universe to arrange itself accordingly. That’s really all it takes!! :)


Tresa Rae ♥

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Open to my Good

Happy Wednesday, Soul Fam!
May we be blessed at every turn today (and every day).
May the Universe surprise and delight us in magical ways.
And may we have the rockin’-est, fun-est, most supercalifragilistic-est day of our lives thus far!! ~ Tresa Rae ♥ :D

I am open to receiving all the good that is available to me today.

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Happiness is the Truth!

"Happiness is the Truth" Pharrell, 'Happy'

Here’s some Happy for your Monday, Soul Fam! Happy Dance not required (but inevitable). :D

Have a GREAT one!! ~Tresa Rae ♥

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Happier Monday, Friends!

Love Mondays and they’ll Love you back (provided you expect them to)! Have a great one, my friends! ~ Tresa Rae


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Happier New Year!

I’ve been obsessed lately with the internet meme ‘doge,’ so in honor of the New Year I made this facebook cover for myself. Hey, whatever keeps me in the Vortex (or on a high flying disc if you prefer), right? RIGHT?!! :)

Happier New Year, and much Love to you, Soul Fam. I intend that we experience everything we desire for ourselves in 2014 and that our journey is filled with even more ease, joy, and fun than ever before.


Tresa Rae ♥


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WestJet Christmas Miracle

In addition to a serious case of the warm & fuzzies, a couple of things struck me as I watched this video:

1. The only reason things like this don’t happen to each and every one of us each and every day is because we don’t believe they can.

2. We get what we ask for (expect), whether that be a big screen TV or socks and underwear (or C, all of the above, for those that dare to dream big enough).

Please enjoy this heartwarming video, friends, and remember that your miracle is only a better feeling thought or two away. :)


Tresa Rae ♥

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