Better Feeling Thought -> Better Feeling Reality

10 minutes from CRAPPY to HAPPY!

Is your reality not what you want?

Have you heard “thoughts create things”? If your current reality isn’t great, the only thing you can do is to improve your current thoughts.

The only reason you don’t have what you want is because you’re a sloppy thinker! 

The good news is that with the right tool you can train yourself to develop better feeling thoughts.

Dear visitor!

If you’ve been through emotional turmoil, 

and you know what it means –

to have a burning desire to succeed 

and yet not get what you want,

and if you feel you’ve tried everything, 

but it seems not enough,

not enough power,

or will,

or skill,

or your energy wasn’t enough to make your desire a reality,

and if you feel you’re at your wits end,

there’s good news!

No matter how great your desire is,

you can reach it, and it doesn’t have to be hard.


If you believe in the Law of Attraction,

if you believe Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Tony Roberts etc.

you know that the power is in your energy flow.

But the secret isn’t that thoughts create things.

The true secret is that

your thought energy shifts gradually,

one better feeling thought at a time.

We’ve developed a completely new and unique approach 

to help you find that better feeling thought,

to align with your desires

and reach your goals.

If you want to be a great goal achiever

you must know how your mental power creates momentum,

how it grows and turns into an inevitable positive manifestation of your desires:

one thought at a time!


Quantum Physics of Mental Power

Gradual better feeling thoughts
create momentum


It’s like a magnetic field generates electricity.

The stronger the magnetic field,

the faster the electric power is.

The same happens with the flow of your thought-feeling energy,

or vibration.

The stronger the stream of better feeling thoughts –

the faster the positive momentum!

The Law of Attraction never fails. 

Stop your sloppy thinking –

start your emotional workouts

and build positive momentum!

Three things you don't want anyone to know about you

1. You allow yourself sloppy thinking and not feel guilty 

2. You allow yourself revengeful thoughts to get emotional relief

3. You still struggle to move on from negativity and revenge 

And here’s why: 

Most people feel guilty about feeling bad, because they associate their feeling bad with being a bad person. 

But, don’t worry! Good people, too, have bad feelings. 

And if you already caught “bad” feelings, momentum is building. 

Perhaps, someone’s told you “Don’t worry, be happy!” 

But if you’re worrying, you can’t jump from worry to happy in an instant. 

Saying to yourself, “I am happy! I’m happy!” wont make you happy. 

You can’t switch feelings like changing masks.

Don’t pretend to be positive!


use our emotional workouts that will suggest to you a working solution, gradually better feeling thoughts to move on.

But there is no such thing like overnight mindset change. 

Negative thinking has a vicious circle of habitual patterns that you keep repeating.

With “Better” apps you get the skill that, 

if you acquire it, 

will serve you for the rest of your life!

The secret of moving on.

The mastery of moving up the emotional scale.

Life with - without "Better Feeling Thought" workouts

With -

Aware of negative thinking –

Doing upliftment –

Creating a positive future –  

Feeling hopeful –

Daily emotional workouts –

Focused thinking –

New higher emotions –

Positive momentum – 

Desired manifestation –

- Without

– Unaware of negative thinking

– Doing nothing

– Replaying negative movies

– Feeling guilty

– No plans, no discipline

– Sloppy thinking

– Habitual negative emotions

– Negative momentum

– Undesired manifestation

"Better" apps - feedback

What Our Users Say

Selected from the FeelGoood app store reviews and the feedback from 

Finding out how I really felt

Oh wow! This is cool! Just reading it did help me come to a resolution. 
It was smooth…it was an edit process to help me point my thoughts and feelings, rationalize the emotions.
Putting together the right words so the final outcome sentences made sense and still reflected my main goal. But that was the work part of finding out how I really felt. Wow just wow… Agnes

Magnificent process program

I started using the app last night. I did not think it would be that AMAZING!!!! I went through some huge contrast last week with severe angst during the process…. It put it into the perfect process for me to get clarity!!!!!! You have a personal coach right at your finger tips!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have a magnificent process program. I feel I can get alignment and clarity through contrast and/or mental fog without the struggle! Cony

Softening resistance

This app is absolutely brilliant! Wonderful for softening resistance when you’re out and about and can’t stop to meditate or nap, or do other processes. Highly recommend for any loa student! Faruk Hossen

This works well for me. I like the “ah ha” moments I got from the different steps of the workout. I like that they were broken down into “steps.” I like all the steps – I am glad you had all the different ways to unpeel the onion of beliefs and obstacles. I think they are all of great value! F.M.

My experience with emotional workouts is enjoyable because I don’t tolerate negative emotion. When I don’t feel good, or even paralysed, the app can shake me loose from that. It helped boost me up the emotional scale, when I felt too weak to try. Thank you! Ann

It is tremendous help to have this program walk one with only key words and putting it all in a beautiful positive content, sometimes a Rampage to Feel Good. It definitely helps search deep inside our emotions to find the words to describe whaI we are feeling. The text at the end is invaluable! The soothing peace it generates! When I am in distress or going through contrast is not as easy to think with clarity to do it alone. Gracias for your marvelous genius work in putting this together! Best to you! C.Barragan

Excellent tool

If you are actively engaged in any of the Law of Attraction alignment this App is an incredible tool for helping you shift your emotional focal point. With easy to follow instructions you can easily ‘talk’ yourself up the emotional ladder to a more positive position. The app also allows you to edit, add or delete any affirmations to better serve your own personal needs. I have found this to be one of the most beneficial law of attraction app tools out there. I use it everyday! Argoisin

I love how it helps you articulate a vision of the future you, and how easy it walks you through the steps and keeps you focused on feeling positive and hopeful about manifesting it into reality. Mia

This is amazing. At first I had to rewrite a lot, but I got the hang of it. I can see individuals, and how coaches could use this with clients to help them. This is definitely a great tool for coaches to help their clients. Wow! It does bring clarity. I love it! I think this is AMAZING. I LOVE IT!! M.Turpel

The “Better” apps endeavor – to exceed user experience and expectations. If you want to feel better any time any place – use “Better” apps!

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