Better Body: Nurture Health


10 minutes from shitty to pretty!

Free app, “Better Body: Nurture Health,” helps to uplift your attitude about your body. You will experience a shift from feeling sick to feeling healthy!

Feel better about your body with our emotional workouts. Apparently, cells of your body are very sensitive to what you think and feel about your health and fitness. This app offers you emotional workouts to remind you to feel good about your body. And your body will thank you for that.

The app “Better Body: Nurture Health” collects emotional workouts regarding the physical condition of your body and health. Our body, emotions and thoughts are closely related. To help you improve your body you must improve your thoughts. Try our workouts to see how our set of gradually uplifting thoughts will make you feel physically better.

Boost better body with new thinking habit!

By training your mind the app will help you to keep healthy and fit lifestyle.

An excellent LOA tool to boost health.

Talk to your body to release  inner resistance, and gain a unique experience with resonating thoughts.

Try the main customized General Body emotional workout. It will guide you to uplift your emotions regarding your body or part of it. 

Coming soon on AppStore and GooglePlay!

Better Body: Nurture Health app – available on Web browsers.