Better Me: Power Within


10 minutes from crappy to happy!

Free app, “Better Me: Power Within,” helps you to improve your self-perception. With practice you’ll learn how to shift from feeling unconfident to feeling invincible.


Explore your deepest desires and feelings in order to become a better you. It does not simply offers positive affirmations, it guides your thought process with gradually uplifting better feeling thoughts. If you currently feel bad, do not do anything habitual, instead use this app!

Better Me: Power Within will guide you to your self-empowerment. Within the app there are several emotional workouts in card form. If you have already signed up, you will find more workouts in the menu.

Boost Self-Worth

Experience a new approach to enhance life.

Honest re-discovery of your inner potential.

Focused upliftment with fun.

The app will encourage you to persuade yourself to believe in you.


For example, the Role workout, is customized to help you find your power within the different roles you play in life.

A shorter workout, The PASS process, will teach you to quickly rephrase your negative thoughts.

Coming soon to Appstore and GooglePlay!

Better Me: Power Within app – available for Web Browsers