Assume Good Intentions!

Once a colleague asked me, with indignation, “What did you assume? Your behavior suggested you are afraid that I could harm you in some way. It’s insulting! Assume good intentions!”

I felt as if I was caught in a fearful thought!

Many times in relationships we assume things like, “They don’t appreciate me”, “They don’t respect me”, “They think I am a jerk” etc., when in fact, those assumptions may be wrong.

I remember how terrible it felt when I had good intentions and yet people didn’t trust my words.

I can understand why people habitually assume bad intentions from others. Bad experiences cause bad expectations.

Happy people know how to trust the universe, trust the world, and people. Thus they attract trustworthy people.

Unhappy people attract troubles. Habitually, they believe that the world is not trustworthy.

Vicious circle.

There must be a way. Trust doesn’t simply start with a new affirmation, “I trust the world.” In fact, it may only frustrate you. But it is possible to start striving for the moment when saying “I trust the world” will be natural and welcome.

The desire to #trust others is already a starting point for your focus.

Here is a stream of better feeling thoughts to start with:


I want to trust the universe.
I am glad to focus on trusting rather than distrusting.
I want to assume good intentions from people, rather than feeling paranoid about them.
I like the desire to trust.
I like to focus on this desire.
This is a start of trusting the universe.
It’s enough to start respecting myself rather than being engaged in the bad memories of bad experiences.
I’m looking forward to joining happy people who assume good intentions!


This is just the beginning. It takes a series of gradually uplifting sentences to persuade oneself to feel better and start trusting them. It takes time and willful efforts. Only with efforts, one will habitually assume good intentions and attract good things into their lives.

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