Are your old beliefs keeping you stuck?

How many of you are aware of the lack of motivation to work on your vibration because of old beliefs? “I can’t do it.” “I’m not worthy…”

When you feel quite good and still notice that you haven’t manifested what you desire – a like-minded, life partner; yet you feel like you have to continue working on your vibe in order to create positive momentum to actually manifest what you want.

You may even have made the decision to be determined enough to keep up with your higher emotional frequencies, and you start doing what you’re supposed to do and yet, you feel reluctant, resistant to do the work. Somehow your old beliefs are hold you back, “No one will love me.” “There’s no one out there for me.”

Is this what it’s like to be stuck, spinning your wheels, going nowhere?

You feel like you don’t want to do what you planned to do – which is to lift yourself up even higher from where you are. You ask yourself, “What happened that I don’t even want to think of my desire anymore?” You ponder on why you’re sort of lazy to work on your vibration. You realize that you lack motivation and can’t seem to help it; you can’t help yourself to feel better. This is a problem. Like most people, you wish for external triggers for your inspiration.

You tell yourself that it’s a matter of discipline. And even if you consider yourself a disciplined person, you still can’t force yourself to think about something that can’t be inspired anymore because you can’t help but notice that your reality doesn’t inspire you.

Abraham Hicks says, “Do what you need to do to get the energy moving and then follow the inspiration.” Sometimes it’s easier said than done, you may think. However, if you’re reading this, it could be that you are now on the path of least resistance and the universe has guided you to this post. If you want to become unstuck and change your old beliefs so you can embrace the joy of meeting your dream life partner, check out this link:

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