23 Abraham Hicks’ concepts for dummies

What does she mean saying “calibrate,” I often hear frustrated voices of newcomers to Abraham Hicks teachings. And here are my 23 lines glossary of Abraham concepts in simple words.

Abraham Hicks – source of universal wisdom
Alignment – tuning to the frequency of Happiness and Love
Calibration – a conscious deliberate process to navigate from undesirable thoughts towards desired ones
Contrast – negative experience, the value of which is in the launching a desire for positive experience
Cooperative components – people or things, which participate in the creation of your good or bad situations
Croak – to die as a physical body, to return to source energy
Focus wheel – writing your thoughts focusing on your goal
Forking – making a decision about which thought to think: towards your desire or away from it
Desire stick – two ends of a stick: the presence of your desire, or the absence of it. Remember which end of the stick is the focus of your attention.
Grid – a segment of your life with your emotional reactions and thoughts about that segment
Momentum – an energy wave that is accumulated from your dominating thoughts and materialized in a good or bad situation
On the path or out in the weeds – be in the direction towards your desire or away from it.
Pivot – turning from a negative emotion towards a positive emotion
Point of attraction – your current good or bad emotion, which shows you where your true focus is.
Pre-paving – your emotional preparation to a coming event in order to start positive momentum
Segment intending – preparing to feel a desired emotion in a specific segment of your life
Source – the universal energy of all, all what is and where we come from and where we will return
Tapped in tuned in turned on – being ultimately happy and appreciative
Vibration – energy emanated by every living thing translated into thoughts and feelings
Vibrational escrow – dreams and desires that you have accumulated because of your negative experiences
Vortex – state of alignment with Source energy, highest feelings
High flying disk – place of happiness, “in the zone”
Wobble – to slide down from the highest feeling into negativity and back up.  

Do you agree with me? What other concepts would you like an explanation for?

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