3 Traps Alcoholics Trigger

Many spouses of alcoholics think that

  1. Their mood depends on their spouses behavior
  2. It’s their job to change their spouses
  3. They could stop the problem if they quit the relationship

A woman of an alcoholic complains that her spouse often abuses, humiliates and embarrasses her with his words and actions. She believes he makes her unhappy. She wants to change him, so she will feel good. Or, she has to leave him.

It isn’t easy to stay happy when someone close to you is addicted. We’ve been taught to believe our feelings are dependent on the behavior of others. I want you to be good so I can feel good.

But we can’t change other people. All we can change is our own attitude to the situation.

Let’s remind ourselves about the Law of Attraction and gradually shift our focus from the alcoholic spouse to ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings, things we have control of.

And, here is the solution.

I found a helpful video – “Husband Is In Opposite Direction” on the YouTube channel “Abraham Hicks Love”. We adapted it for our emotional workout “Alcoholic Spouse”.

But if you want, you can CUSTOMIZE it to fit your own situation. For example: do you have to live with an unpleasant relative under one roof? Or, do you blame yourself for hoping that your grown up child would leave home?

The best thing about this workout is – it’s FREE.

To use it, just go to the link https://betterpeople.betterfeelingthought.com/ and find “Alcoholic Spouse.” You will be asked a few questions regarding your feelings and beliefs about your situation. The program will offer you flashcards to read one thought at a time.

Do you have to sign up?

Not necessarily. Some workouts offer ready flashcards to read immediately. Customized workouts will ask you individualized questions, which will require you to sign up.

One of the greatest features of this app is – it allows you to edit your flashcards to suit your needs.

If you love Abraham Hick’s teachings or trust the Law of Attraction, don’t wait, just click the link and start your upliftment.

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