Afraid to write your story?

I’ve never liked it when volunteers are asked uncomfortable questions.  Recently, I observed a situation on a webinar. A participant didn’t want to write about herself in her social network. She was afraid of a negative reaction. The instructor asked her about the emotions she was experiencing. What was holding her back? What she felt more, fear or shame? She appeared uncomfortable for her, and seem to regret volunteering. 

I thought, why dig deep into unpleasant emotions?

Why not immediately give her a chain of thoughts that can lead her to increase her self-confidence? Like these:


Well, I am aware of my situation, and I’m willing to talk myself UP.

Now, what is it that I want?

I want to be comfortable and easy when I write about myself.

Well, I know that everything can be easy with diligent preparation.

First, I can prepare myself emotionally.

I must remind myself that I’m not alone.

I’m a part of something bigger than just my body and my mind.

I’m part of Infinite Intelligence that I call to flow through me when I will start writing.

I’m inclined to trust the Universe and that Infinite Intelligence loves me.

Why not?

Sometimes great ideas come to me because I’m aligned with them.

So, when I write about me, I must tune to the frequency of my greatest, brightest state of mind.

I can be interesting, intriguing, and useful to others.

My life has evidences that I can be interesting, intriguing, and useful.

But now I can postpone the action part of writing for the time when I feel inspired.

Now I must tune myself to the energy of being easy and comfortable when I write about myself.

How does it feel when I am easy?

It feels like I am worthy, my shoulders relax, my mind is bright, and my thoughts are intelligent.

It feels like I am great and proud of me, I am helpful, and my message is amazing!

I don’t have to write anything now.

I will only practice how it feels.

That’s easy and comfortable.

I like doing this.

I like being nice to me and my fears.

In fact, I can look at fear as an additional thrill that helps me to focus.

I am getting better and better at focusing on the feeling that I am bright and my thoughts are useful.

I can do this.


This was a part of uplifting emotional workouts that we offer from our Better Me:Power Within app.

After reading this, do you think that writing will become easier for you? Try and see for yourself.

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