Broken Heart

Why did he leave me?

If you ask a “why” question, regarding your sad experience, you’re hoping that the person who caused your pain will change. You hope he will understand you, feel compassionate, and come back to you. He just needs to change to make you feel better. Right?


You are asking the wrong question because you are hoping that you can control what you can’t. The more you want to control someone the more helpless you feel.

It’s better to ask: What’s good that I can turn my attention to and is in my control? For example, turn your attention to things that you like, things that inspire your hopes and dreams, things that make you feel good.

If, at this moment, you can’t find anything to think of, use the app we created to help you uplift your thoughts and start positive momentum.

In the app you can find emotional workouts, particularly “Broken Heart,” which will offer you better feeling thoughts and insights to raise your vibe. It’s completely free.

There is not one single sentence that can shift your mood instantly. The process requires a whole lot more better feeling thoughts to actually lift your vibe. This short workout has more than 60 cards to move you up the emotional scale. And this is just a beginning. However, there are other workouts that may fit your needs.

Did your lover leave you? Do you have a broken heart? Do you need uplifting words to heal your broken heart?

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