Do happy people frustrate you? Why I invented AIGUL

It is a conference room full of people at the one of Abraham Hicks’ workshops. All are smiling and laughing loudly in smaller groups. I’m excited and anticipating to be called to the “hot” seat, where I can ask any question to Abraham.

The session starts. Quiet. I hear Esther’s breathing. Magic is going to happen.

She talks. I’m excited. She looks in my direction and points her finger in my direction.

Me?! My heart is trembling. I’m rising from my seat.

Nope, it’s the guy behind me. “Oh, well, next time,” I’m disappointed.

But there is no next time. She calls on other people, most of them are men. I am wondering, why mostly men? “Hmm, does she give them preference over women?”

I am becoming incredibly agitated and dissatisfied.

At a break I turn to a few participants, “Why does she do that?”

They look at me as if I am an alien and walk away. Perhaps, they don’t want to “catch” my frustrated vibe.

Only one woman responds, “17 seconds, remember? One, two, three…”

“What?! What are you talking about?” I’m even more indignant.

That was the topic that day. It takes 17 seconds for a vibe to change in a conversation with another person.

“If the change is going to be negative, move away!” Abraham advised.

But I didn’t expect that people wouldn’t talk to me because of the 17 second rule! That was so disrespectful and rude!

Well, looking back at the experience I know that my negative emotions put me on the opposite side from that group of happy people. Because, I was not happy.

However, that was my mood and I had to deal with it alone. I believed and I still believe that people in lower moods can be helped.

Therefore, I invented AIGUL, 5 tips to help you beat frustration and guilt.

  • Be AUTHENTIC in the moment. Accept your feelings and don’t feel guilty that you are not happy in the moment.
  • Follow INTUITIVE navigation towards better feeling thoughts.
  • Use GUIDED help from a coaching or an app
  • Know how UPLIFTMENT works
  • Practice the LOGIC of better feeling thought

This is AIGUL, Authentic-Intuitive-Guided-Upliftment-Logic.

What do you do when you are not quite happy?

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