Don’t regret that you haven’t achieved your results!

When I regret that something hasn’t been accomplished yet, I know I shouldn’t. Because any endeavor in life is a process.
It’s like putting together a puzzle.

Right now I’m putting together a thousand piece puzzle.

First, I connect the edges, then what’s easy, the obvious parts. Then I come up with strategies for the rest of the puzzle. I sort the pieces out by color and shape. I figure out what goes where by looking at the image on the box.

Sometimes when I want to find the right piece it takes minutes or even longer and I still can’t find it. But other times, I think of what I want to find and I see the piece immediately, as if my eyes were drawn to look right at it. I call these moments – alignment. I am aligned with the right piece at the right time. It feels so good and is always surprising!

The process of putting a puzzle together can take weeks or even months. But when everything is assembled – how long will the puzzle stay on the table? Do you ever think of that?

When completed, it can stay on the table for minutes, or an hour or two, or a day or two. Then I break it up and put it away, because I want to work on another puzzle!

My enjoyment of the finished puzzle takes much less time than it did to put it together.

Isn’t it funny? We are less interested in what has already been accomplished. We enjoy the process; we admire the finished result of course. But then we want to start another process. Pleasure is in the process. I often remind myself of this when I criticize myself for not getting results, for not finishing what I started.

So, when you become disappointed because you haven’t achieved the results you want, don’t regret. Derive satisfaction from the process! Create strategies to put the pieces together. You are not done!

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