For 50 years I believed I was an awful artist

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to paint. I was mesmerized by how artists painted portraits on canvas, and it turned into a realistic image with depth. Suddenly, painted eyes come alive and sparkle like they’re real!  

Of course, I tried to paint. Back then, all I had was a box of cheap colored pencils. They were hard, and I failed to draw good pictures. I could only draw simple forms. But to paint like a real artist one must have talent!

Once my mom bought me water colors and I decided I would paint her portrait. I found a photo of her and started painting the oval of her face with my brush. I painted her eyes, then her nose, lips, and hair…. It was terrible! An ugly woman was looking back at me from the paper. I realized I was an awful artist, and should never, never ever do anything like portraits!

Just something. Water color

Many years passed. I turned 50, believing that I couldn’t paint. But because I still liked the magic of painting, I told my husband that when I retire, I’d try painting something simple and abstract.

One day, my husband and I walked through the aisles of an arts and craft store, where I saw canvases and acrylic paints.

He said, “Why wait until you get old? Why don’t you try now?”

I immediately made an excuse, “No, I am not an artist. The last time I drew something was 40 years ago!”

Then, something clicked. I told myself, “Let me try. Nothing will happen if I fail. And if my husband says I can, why not trust him?”

Again, my fascination with the magic of painting came alive inside me. I reminded myself that I’m a student of Abraham Hick. And I felt great anticipation!

So we bought what I needed as a beginner. As soon as we got home I started painting my first acrylic abstracts.


Then I painted my dog’s portrait. Success!

Then I painted my favorite singer. Another success!

Alla Pugachova, favorite singer

Then I painted my grandnephew. Yay!


Another baby portrait. Wow!


Another baby, and another…

Now I have a portfolio of baby portraits with sparkling eyes!

The lessons to me were:

Never give up believing in your talent!

Find the right tools.

Trust people who believe in you.

And you? What fascinated you in your childhood, and have you carried it into your adulthood?

Remember, it’s never too late to try new things.

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