How I came to Better apps

A sunny day. Autumn 2012. Yellow leaves rustle under my feet. I’m walking alone to bring my thoughts together. I hear the beat of my heart, “Boom – boom – boom. No sales – no income – no job.”

I’m an author, who fails to sell her books. So, should I rather find a job?

I know the Law of Attraction. If I continue thinking like that, I may become depressed. I must find better thoughts.

I’m desperately looking for the right words from newly discovered teachings of Abraham Hicks, whose words resonated with me and felt true. I must feel better!

But how?

I suddenly recall, “All is well.”

Really? Is it well? I feel like I’m faking it. My life is not going well, and I should pretend it is? I feel even worse!

But, I know that those truthful, convincing words exist. I just can’t recall them!

At this moment, back in 2012, I knew I needed an app. I clearly envisioned square flashcards on my smartphone, which would bring me the right thought suggestions. One by one, I’d read the I-sentences, each following thought would feel better than the previous.

That was an image of MY app, which I HAD to develop.

I found my “job.”

I felt unstoppable determination. I started with listening to Abraham videos and analyzing their uplifting “secrets.” I scripted a significant amount of material, which I wanted to put into a simple structured upliftment process.

Sometimes, I had to disagree with a few Abraham notes. Instead of their 21 steps of the emotional scale, I offered 7 emotional stages. I replaced some terminology with more everyday words.

Everything genius must be simple. I know that many Abraham fans would not like my view, but I had to follow my call.

To make a long story short, after 9 years of development, I ended up with 4 apps, including “Better Me: Power Within.”

There were two things that kept me moving forward:

1. I don’t have to complain that I can’t remember the right words. Now I can always take my phone and find them.

2. The supportive and lovely feedback of the app’s users made me more assertive in continuing.  

Now it’s a sunny day of autumn 2021. Yellow leaves rustle under my feet. My heart beats, “Boom-boom-boom. All- Is- Well. I- Am- Satisfied.”

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