Three scenarios, which is yours?

Below I offer 3 scenarios of an imaginary meeting with a person, who supposedly impacted you. At the end I’ll show one ending for all three scenarios.

1) You are going to meet a well-known person whom you are going to talk with all evening. You are in awe of this person. You adore him. You used to worry that you were afraid of making a bad impression, and you never dared to even ask him to meet. And now you are excited, because you’ve dreamed about this moment and it’s come true! 

2) You are going to meet with a person, who is hated and feared by others. Moreover, he is arrogant and a tyrant. And you are going to talk to him this evening. You used to be afraid of him, worried that he might humiliate you. You always had troubles after meeting him. You never dared to even look him in the eye. And now you’re excited for a good reason. You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now it is happening!

3) You meet a person whose wealth exceeds yours over a thousand times. He is highly powerful and influential, and he knows it. Compared to him, you’re poor. And you’re going to talk to him this evening! You used to be nervous around him and worry about how quickly he would notice your financial insecurity. What would he think of you? You didn’t know how to behave in his company, how to feel equal to him. And now you’re excited for another reason.

And here is the ending for all three scenarios, as I promised.

You are excited because you feel an inner freedom inside you. You are going to demonstrate it to yourself. You feel the lightness and joyous anticipation of the upcoming meeting. What’s it like to be in the presence of this person? What are you going to talk about? What spiritual and human qualities will reveal and enrich you both this evening? You listen to your feelings. There used to be tenseness, now there is joy. You feel a growing sense of desire for goodness and universal love for this person. You think: “I’m ready, I’m full of self-worth, I love and appreciate.”  

Which of the three scenarios resonates with you the most?

Or, which of them is far from your situation?

Wouldn’t you like to come closer to such an ending?

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