36 lines to shift your “Money” vibe

An extract from the emotional workout “Money Issue”.

I feel financially insecure at this moment.

This feeling indicates that I am not up to speed with the security that is in my vibrational reality.

My feeling is telling me that I have focused on the lack of money.

Habitual focus on the lack doesn’t serve me well.

I am going to change my focus.

I am going to think of abundance.

Abundance of money and everything that is good for me.

Right now I am where I am.

And where I am is just fine.

It is not a lie to tell a new story where I am going to be.

I am going to lean in the direction of what I want.

I am not going to justify why I am here.

Instead I am going to talk about how I would feel when I am financially freer.

I stand here and, with no guilt, I wonder what would it feel like when I become secure?

What would it look like when I become wealthy?

What does abundance smell like when I have it?

What does it taste like?

How does it feel when I touch abundance of money?

The more I think about that the more it becomes hopeful that I am getting it.

The more I think of my wealth as if I have it the more I become optimistic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I begin to reach such freedom?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I begin to realize my power?

Isn’t it exciting to be in this life at this time at my age and know what I know?

Let me take a break and think of what I know about money.

I know that my thoughts about money attract it to my life.

When I think of the abundance of money then my point of attraction goes in the right direction.

Attracting money is not about what I do.

It is not about activity.

It is not about winning the lottery or getting an inheritance.

It is not about finding a job.

It is not even about getting an education that leads to better employment.

It is about allowing myself abundance.

It is about trusting that my abundance is lined up for me, waiting for my thoughts to be aligned with it.

It is about my ability to believe in my abundance.

It is about my ability to trust the Universe that I deserve affluence.

It is about my ability to feel my abundance right at this moment, as if I have a fabulous fairy tale to tell.

Did you notice a shift in your money vibe?

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