Being sad during the pandemic?

Read and feel:  

I feel sad because of the pandemic lockdown.

What to do?

I understand that the pandemic lockdown doesn’t depend on me, so

I’m not looking for the answer on what to do about that.

I’m looking for the answer on what to do about feeling sad.

It’s like I feel sad and I’m afraid to feel sad, I shouldn’t feel sad, I can’t
feel sad!

It’s because I’m afraid that the negative emotion may manifest in more negative ways, and that would feel worse.

Fortunately, Abraham reminds me that I live in an environment where there’s a buffer of time between my thought and manifestation.

So, it’s okay to let this feeling sad run its course.

Even though I know about the Law of Attraction I still can allow myself to be a human and feel what I feel.

And I know that I have time to cheer up.

There is a buffer of time to cheer up. No thought manifests instantly.

I have enough time to cheer up. 

I can relax.


I wasn’t born on this planet to look around and always find things that make me feel happy. 

I’m here to embrace my emotions.

When I feel a negative emotion, it always means I’m launching rockets of desires that’s fun to figure out.

Yes, I’m exploring contrast, feeling sad. But I’m not going to linger on it.

I’m aware that I’m out in this world and I see things I don’t want, or I don’t like.

But because I see those things, I can launch a desire for improvement about what I want. 

I just will, as quickly as I can, turn my attention in the direction of what feels better. 

I realize that my desire to feel sad is just a habit of thought upon things that hurt when I think of them.

This habit is the only bondage that holds me back.


Sometimes people want to evoke painful feelings within me because many of them have learned that they could control me through my discomfort.

Before I became aware of being a deliberate creator I used to focus upon things that hurt me.

Now I am aware that I’m a deliberate creator, and that my energy is moving fast.

If I focus upon something in opposition to my stream of energy, I’m going to feel it in a keen way.

But let me NOT worry about that for this moment.

I will just do my best to lift off that thought and find one that feels better.

I will train myself to focus on where I want to focus.

In time, I’ll come to realize that nothing can ever hurt me because I have the power to focus wherever I want to focus.

I’ve lived contrast and I’ve got my stream moving really fast, and now I’m consciously aware of the difference between alignment and not.

I am aware when I focus on what I want or what I don’t want. 

I can never again, for any length of time, focus on what I don’t want.

My power of focus is the most important thing.

Now I’m aware of it.

Now I have an option.

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