Don’t be stingy! 100 words to praise yourself

Once my friend asked me, “Tell me who you are, as a person?”

I mumbled, “Ah, mm, I’m good.”

“What else?”

“Mmm. I’m nice.”

When it comes to describing me, I catch myself on a thought that I’m generous when I criticize myself. I quickly find many painful words and can go deeper and deeper into them.

But when it comes to seeing me in a positive way, I notice that I pause. I’m stingy to praise myself. I’m embarrassed to offer words that describe me in a way I want to be seen in my eyes and in the eyes of other people.

I had enough of that. So, I decided to collect 100 words that would describe me and my feelings, and here is the list.

Read the list and apply the words to yourself and notice how you feel at the end. Take your time!

I’m admirable
I’m adored
I’m affectionate
I’m aligned
I’m amazing
I’m anticipating (good things)
I’m appreciated
I’m appreciative
I’m approved
I’m astounding
I’m awe-inspiring
I’m awesome
I’m believing (in greatness)
I’m blessed
I’m blissful
I’m brilliant
I’m carefree
I’m celebrated
I’m certain
I’m cheerful
I’m cherished
I’m clear
I’m confident
I’m connected
I’m contented
I’m delighted
I’m deserving
I’m divine
I’m dynamic
I’m eager
I’m ecstatic
I’m elated
I’m empowered
I’m energetic
I’m enjoyable
I’m enlightened
I’m enthusiastic
I’m esteemed
I’m euphoric
I’m excellent
I’m exceptional
I’m excited
I’m exhilarated
I’m extraordinary
I’m exuberant
I’m fabulous
I’m fantastic
I’m forgiving
I’m fortunate
I’m free
I’m frisky
I’m genuine
I’m grateful
I’m great
I’m happy
I’m honored
I’m hopeful
I’m important
I’m incredible
I’m inspired
I’m interested
I’m invigorated
I’m joyous
I’m lively
I’m loving
I’m magnanimous
I’m magnificent
I’m merry
I’m miraculous
I’m optimistic
I’m outstanding
I’m passionate
I’m phenomenal
I’m playful
I’m pleased
I’m proud
I’m radiant
I’m ready
I’m recognized
I’m remarkable
I’m reputable
I’m respected
I’m satisfied
I’m secure
I’m sensational
I’m significant
I’m stunning
I’m superb
I’m sure
I’m surprising
I’m terrific
I’m thrilled
I’m triumphant
I’m trusting
I’m upbeat
I’m uplifted
I’m valued
I’m vigorous
I’m wonderful
I’m worthy

Which of these words resonate with you the most?

What would you add to your personal list?

What would you remove?

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