Raps that can help you let your feelings out

Do you often feel moved by music?

Do you think that a song can sometimes be the best medium for expressing your feelings?

Our answer to both of the questions is one big yes and that is why we have created the FeelGoood raps.

Its rhymes and music will help you raise your mood and boost your energy to the higher levels.

Why rap music, you may think?

Rap songs are known by their rawness and authenticity. They are usually telling stories about real life situations and all that, good or bad, is represented in its unembellished version.

That is the aspect that makes people easily relate to.

Words that are honest and passionate always find the way to people’s hearts.

How did we connect feel good rap to the “Better” apps?

Rap songs can usually have much more words than other songs, so they can transfer better the important messages.

This is why we have put gradually uplifting sentences in our rhymes and that way we invented the new type of rap music:

We call it the FEEL GOOD RAP!

Our rap songs are not just some regular raps.

They have a mission to raise your vibrations and that way to lead you to your emotional freedom!

We created 7 raps for the upliftment process that is based on the Emotional scale.

Each of the feel good rap songs is representing one of the stages on emotional scale.

Rap the RED

Rap the ORANGE

Rap the YELLOW

Rap the GREEN

Rap the BLUE

Rap the INDIGO

Rap the VIOLET

Altogether they should be seen as the parts of one general scale of better feeling thoughts, rhymed and arranged as a rap.

You should not listen to them randomly as any other music. Each zone corresponds to different emotions.

You should be honest with yourself and admit in which zone you are at the moment. Furthermore, you should choose the matching feel good rap that will resonate the best with your current emotional stage.

Let’s put all of this in practice…

Can you remember some time when you felt miserable?

You know those situations when:

“.. it hurts like hell and you don’t have strength to even yell..”

When you say to yourself:

“My life is done. I feel unloved,
And I forgot the word “beloved..”

Maybe you feel like that now? Don’t be afraid to admit it. You are not alone.

Find your rhythm and follow these rhymes with us:

“I want to say I use this beat to share my feeling, I must admit,
I feel despair!!”

There you go! You are in the Red zone with us right now. Let’s continue singing:

 “But from the bottom where I lie There’s only one way up to fly,
And feeling better!”

This was the main part of the chorus and we’ll sing it three more times. We want to remind you that you’ll feel better.


Our raps can also be your best friend even when you already feel good.

“My life is easier every day. My friends are there for me to play.
It’s never boring!”

But let us ask you something: Why just feel good? Why shouldn’t you feel completely fulfilled and enthusiastic?

“I’m doing good. I’m feeling great! What thought will lead me to the stage for even greater!”

Being thankful will also enrich your life.

“Oh, thank you Source for the living circus!
I’m feeling grateful. It’s my purpose.”

And let us sing a few more times the chorus:

“My sun is shining, my sky is blue. My earth is aligned with the planet’s crew. I appreciate it!”

Continue to rap at your own pace and feel free to sing your heart out.

Only the sky is the limit for your emotional freedom!

Our raps will be your best friend on that journey!

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