What if you can’t sell something?

For example, your book.

If the energy you emanate doesn’t attract your desired outcome of what you want, it means your thoughts are sloppy, chaotic, and negative.

Pivot and start focusing on changing your thoughts.

Here is an extract from the “Sales” emotional workout, where you can start refocusing your attention.

Ok, I want to sell my book and it doesn’t sell.

Well, I admit, I feel  – this sucks.

It’s good that I admit how I feel.

At least I am clear about what I don’t want.

What DO I want?

I want to sell my book!  Damn it!

This makes me want to scream!

Well, anything is OK if it feels better.

I like that I deliberately work on my feelings.

I feel like I am getting some power back.

I am glad I am working this out.

Now,  I have great news:   I am alive!

I have emotions!

But, I still feel like nothing has changed! 

I notice that.  But I want to tell myself, stop it!


And breathe..

I want to feel better.

I want to allow myself to accept me.

I want to allow myself to forgive myself.

I want to allow myself to get a desired outcome.

I want to ALLOW my book to be sold.

I want to learn to allow good things to happen to me.

I think I am feeling a little better.

I like thinking that I allow good things to come to me.

I allow myself to think differently.

I allow myself to think of something nice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if things magically started working for me?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the solution came fast and easy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if people just love my book and want to buy it?

What if there is a better outcome waiting for me?

What if I can actually start thinking of my dream?

I think I am now feeling sparks of hope.

I feel like I am becoming better at helping myself.

I feel like  I deserve a break.

I like thinking that I allow myself to feel better.

I know there is nothing that holds me back other than my own thoughts.

I don’t have to find any solution on how to sell my book now.

I am learning to allow the solution to come to me itself.

I am glad I only have to care about how I feel.

I am glad to remind myself that life is supposed to be fun!

I am glad I am doing pretty well!

Did you notice a shift on your energy?

This is a part of the “Sales” workout. We couldn’t post it in its entirety. To see the whole workout go to the app “Better Money: Attract Abundance”

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