Having sloppy thoughts?

We are often careless in our thoughts. One by one, unpleasant thoughts create even more unpleasant thoughts. As a result of sloppy thinking, we have a bad mood, and we don’t even notice that we created the mood ourselves.

Yet, we know that we need to think positively. But something is missing at this moment. 

For example, I wake up in the morning and remember an upcoming meeting with my boss. I have one thought in my head, “I’m sick and tired.”

And it leads to, “I’m pissed off at that snob!”

“He doesn’t notice my talent and efforts!”

“He always promotes mediocrity!”

“I can’t do this anymore!”

I’m irritated and upset. 🙁 

Do you have such thoughts? Do you see where the inability to help yourself with the “right” word at the right moment leads?

I used to feel this way. I wished to have a little friend whispering in my ear, helping me to calm down with the right words.

And  guess what?                 

I created that little friend!

Now when I wake up and think “I’m tired” I go to my phone and begin reading:

“When I feel tired, something must have happened to make me feel powerless.”

“And I am aware of this and that’s very important for me.”

“I’m here to pivot my feelings to more optimistic emotional state by offering better feeling thoughts.”

“Of course, if I need to, I can allow myself to feel tired.”

“At the same time I do my best to appreciate myself for awareness and for allowing myself relief.”

And I take a deep breath.

I read the cards and start calming down.

By the time I finish the whole set of cards, “I feel proud of myself for talking myself into alignment with my inner being.”

And my fatigue is history!

Isn’t that cool?

What thought do you want your tomorrow start with?

More about the app – in our blog post at https://betterfeelingthought.com

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